About Feminine Funk®

Feminine Funk® is a brand built to represent the confident and free-spirited women of the world. We celebrate women fueled by self-love, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment with delightfully bold designs and great quality items.


About Our T-Shirts

We design each t-shirt to have a story that connects with you through edgy, witty and unapologetic messaging. Our loved (and coveted!) statement tees are designed to make standing out in a crowd easy. We use soft, durable fabrics and on trend styles to make every Feminine Funk® item comfortable and fashionable as well as incredible conversation starters.


About Our Mission

The Feminine Funk® brand was created by mother and wife, Nicole Grier, who vowed to create honest and bold pieces that reflect the beautiful, powerful women she encountered on a daily basis, but didn’t see represented in other clothing lines. Now every Feminine Funk® design captures a spirit of witty self-love, perfect for every woman who has ever refused to be defined by society’s standards of beauty, but instead looks it dead in the eye and says, I LOVE ME JUST AS I AM. 

.About our clothes: Feminine Funk® takes pride in the fact that we only use the best quality t-shirts, creating the perfect canvas for our eclectic designs.  Brand yourself with Feminine Funk® 
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