"Meet Our Customers!" -Princess Francois


  1. What is your name and where are you from?

 My name is Princess Francois and I am from Brooklyn, NY (Brooklyn, we go hard!

  1. How did you discover our company?

That is a great question! I remember stumbling upon it as I was browsing instagram.

  1. How many Feminine Funk t-shirts do you own?

I have lost count! Backtracking from my inbox, I have 14 and this addiction only started last year! WHOA!

  1. What tee would you consider your favorite/ describes you the best?

My favorite tee is “I dream it, I work hard, I grind till I own it.” I bought that shirt last year at a time when I experienced a series of professional successes and felt that it captured how I got there. And of course, the #formation movement.

  1. How do our t-shirts make you feel when you wear them?

Confident. Flawless. Empowered.  Part of a movement. It allows me to dress with a purpose (#teeswithapurpose) as well as promote body positivity for ALL shapes and sizes.

  1. You have worn our tees in some exotic places! Please tell us what destinations you’ve worn our tees to and which place would you consider the most exciting and why.

I travel with Feminine Funk tees wherever I go, domestically or internationally. Internationally, I have worn them to Ecuador, Grenada, and Thailand. Domestically, I have worn them to Colorado, Washington, D.C., North Carolina, Florida, and California. I sometimes rock it at the airport on my way to a destination!

The most exciting place I have rocked the Feminine Funk tee has been Thailand. Literally across the world, it took nearly 24 hours to get there. Thailand has an array of things to see, from ornate temples to remote islands. I recall rocking my tee the day I got to play with an elephant at a sanctuary in Chiang Mai! Talk about exciting :-D.

  1. How do you typically style your Feminine Funk tees?

 I usually style them with some jeans or some funky pants with an elaborate pattern. I have also styled them with a skirt to go to work

8.  What else should our readers know about you and where can they find you on social media?

I am a cool, nerdy high school STEM educator. Being an Assistant Principal in an underserved community in Brooklyn, NY is very demanding, but I love it!

Being an avid traveler is my part-time “hustle”. Travel brings me life. Feminine Funk allows me to look and feel good as I pursue my traveling passion. Such passion has led me to develop my current interest in blogging. I recently began to create my own blog so that I would be able to share my stories, pictures, and suggestions of my adventures. I try to venture to at least two new countries and two new states a year!

It is important for people to see more black and thick travelers in the social media scene. To find me on social media, check out:

My instagram: @franny_the_traveler

My blog: www.frannythetraveler.com


*If you are a Feminine Funk Customer and would like to be featured in our MEET OUR CUSTOMERS SERIES.  Please email us at customercare@femininefunk.com